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6-Speed offroad model NXR will become a trend?
7 March, 2021

This time, we build a NXR model with 6-speed engine, this engine is with timing chain, and outter balance, more powerful, more speed, and less vibriation.

The NXR model is develop by our company since 2016, now we are puting alunium wheel and LED light

Low cost police motorcycle exporting from China
14 June, 2018

Most of police bikes are very expensive, which is a big burden for public cost, needing thousands of US dollars

But the model we are producing, only about $800 US dollars, but with great quality and nice design.

The police gears were selected from the best factories in China

The engine is 200cc, it is good enough for normal patrol, we can put 250cc engine to enhance the speed and power

Why people loves CGL model
14 June, 2018

CGL model is a classic work motorcycle, with great designs for work, commute and for leisure, it is very easy to control, and strong for heavy load

We put new design on this model, with 4th generation and 8-th generation designs.

Our engines are well balanced engine, feel stable and silent when you riding on it

Model Fly sells well in Peruvian market
14 June, 2018

Model Fly is a great designed street model, with LED lights, streatline design.

We put 150cc and 200cc well balanced engine on it.

And the mono shock is great for sports motorcycle lovers

Sample of GN150 model for evaluation of customs
14 June, 2018

GN150 model is the most popular chopper model in the market, today we make a fresh sample for an African client.

The engine is with a 150cc CG engine, wich air supply system, to reduce the emission of gas, we call this kit an euro2 kit, we can control the emssion within euroII regulations.

The bumper and big and strong, chrome color, our chrome quality is up to 8th level, most of our competitors have no such ability to make chrome quality so high.  In some market, because the acid rain, or sea wind, parts can get rusted quick, but no our products.

Lately, the GN model getting more and more popular in some countries, our quality is one of the best, selling quantity reaches a high peak in 2020, and will be setting record in 2021